Contemporary Art - Original Paintings

A photo from my last exhibition
Detail of my work "Ballo d'anima"
A photo from my last exhibition
Detail of my work "Defenseless"
Detail of my work "Desire"

Modern paintings by Vanessa Poutou

Figures are my inspiration. Painting life is an energizing & spontaneous event for me.
Color is my passion. I love the never-ending search for exciting and compelling colors.
Emotion is my glue. I’m drawn to capturing the emotional spontaneity before me, and the beauty of the human form.

I would characterise my work as a complex of interesting compositions, colours and textures. The principle of my art is based in figurative, but I love to mix abstract or expressive elements. The essential meaning of my work is to reveal the highest emotions when you are looking at my paintings.
Vanessa Poutou
owner, maker, Original Paintings
My name is Vanessa and i am a creative artist in the art of painting having my own studio in Athens. I've started painting and drawing since childhood . I studied painting and graphic design and i have participated in many exhibitions.