venusandstars' Shop Announcement

The largest variety IN STOCK of highest quality ASFOUR 30% Full Lead Crystal Prisms at the MOST AFFORDABLE PRICES ! We will Never misrepresent our products. Asfour crystals, glass crystals and coated crystals will be noted in descriptions. There are certain sizes and colors that Asfour never made, and they will not be listed as Asfour.

All of my FULL LEAD CRYSTAL prisms will be clearly stated in the listing title. The full lead crystal prisms are a 30 percent lead oxide content.
The crystals being added are glass crystal - which are available in a variety of colors and styles. NO ACRYLIC OR PLASTIC crystals are sold here.

FYI: To be considered lead crystal they must have a lead-oxide content of 24% or more. Most of mine are 30%. Lead crystal can not harm you. Lead crystal has more clarity, brilliance, weight and refracts light best. More facets will create more rainbows.

Enjoy your shopping experience at VenusAndStars. Get your full lead crystal prisms here at great prices.

****Please note - Reserve Orders will only be held for 4 days - if no payment is made by the 4th day the Reserve Listing will be cancelled and items released for sale.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.