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Anderson, Indiana

Vermorlian is currently not selling on Etsy We’re here if you need help with an order from this shop. Have questions? Visit our Help Center.

Vermorlian is currently not selling on Etsy

We’re here if you need help with an order from this shop. Have questions? Visit our Help Center.

Shop policies

Last updated on December 28, 2011
We here at Vermorlian Magick Shoppe strive to bring you items that are not flooding the market. Beautiful religious items that you can hand down to your children....and they to theirs. We hope you enjoy all the things we have worked so hard to bring to you....we are so happy you came by.

Accepted payment methods

Returns and exchanges
**Please note- As crappy as this is going to those that know us, know that we are easy to work with...but I feel this has to be said.

If there is something wrong when you receive your package, please contact us. We always try to make it right. If it is something is strongly we cannot replace what the post office breaks.

Because of the increase in competitor stores being not so nice...and attacking our feedback, Negative feedback WILL be left for those who leave neg feedback BEFORE payment,and those who do not contact us regarding a problem they may have with an order.

Please understand, we are not hard asses...we are just tired of being picked on for absolutely NO REASON. Please take your catty behavior somewhere else. There is no place for this type of behavior in our religion. Religion-NOT High School.

**Refunds are given only if the item is grossly misrepresented.

Please keep in mind, some of these items are recycled items. They are not brand spanking new imports from a different country. ;)

Clearance sales are final.

Shipping costs to and from are at customers expense.

Exchanges are allowable. Contact us for instruction. No exchange item will be shipped until first ordered item is back in house. Shipping exchange item is done at customers expense.
We accept paypal, money orders and personal checks. Without prior arrangement, we allow one week for mailed payment to arrive. After that, items will be reposted.

Personal checks-Items are held until check clears our bank.....up to two weeks. Please make allowances for that when waiting for shipment.
PLEASE NOTE: I have a lead time on almost all orders (anywhere from 2-8 weeks, depending on what it is). Its just me here, thats it. I REALLY make everything that I sell (including packaging, artwork, labels, photos...even pour my own candles), outside of supplies, and that takes time. On top of that, I am a full time mom, student, work part time and run this wee business. IF YOU CANNOT WAIT, please do not order. I want you to be happy, so I am keeping it honest. :D

Orders are shipped once a week...Thursday/Friday. Do to our increase in sales, it was getting a wee impossible for me to make all these items and try to package for shipping at the same time. During the week, I will restock inventory and work on upcoming Sabbat kits. Thursday will be my packaging up for shipping days. If you dont have time to wait....please dont order. Thanks. :)

We ship USPS on lighter weight items. UPS on heavier items. Insurance is not included and is recommended.

Ironically enough, UPS is now cheaper on heavier boxes.

Shipping can take up to 3-6 weeks on custom items. Ready made items go out within the week.

We do combine shipping. Shoot us an email for the combined price. Please state which items are being purchased. We will email you with the combined shipping costs.
Additional policies and FAQs
**Custom orders**- Please allow 2-6 weeks for construction of item and shipping.

**Herbal Mixtures, Oils and Ritual Kits**- I copied this from a fellow store owner and friend....its exactly how I feel as well.

THESE HERBS ARE NOT INTENDED FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. Vermorlian Magick Shoppe would like you to please remember that our products are NOT intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or illness. If you have any medical concerns, please consult your doctor. Because we are a magickal shoppe selling metaphysical products, we are supposed to also add a disclaimer that we make no promises as to the effectiveness of any of our products and that they are sold as curios only to be used for entertainment purposes. THIS IS NOT TRUE. We will post this disclaimer when ALL religious items sold for use in ALL religious faiths are also required to make such a disclaimer. No one expects that an alternate religion gift shop post a disclaimer such as this and we do not feel that a magickal supply store should be put in the position of claiming that our products are for entertainment purposes only when other religions are not also expected to do so.

**Layaways**- Layaways will be divided into three payments. To be finished within 90 days. If you change your mind, the original deposit will NOT be refunded. We took it off the market in good faith to hold it for you. We also incurred listing fees. Please keep that in mind.
Contact us if you are interested in putting any item on layaway....I will then create a revised listing for just that payment.

**Herbs grown here**- We grow about 1/4 of our herbs that we carry. These herbs are collected according to the moon cycle...cleaned twice, and dried. Either air dried, or dried in a dehydrator (to preserve color). No pesticides are used......we use only mugwort or wormwood "tea" to keep the bugs out. All natural! We do nothing to preserve the color of the herbs unnaturally. We don't dye or add chemicals to make them look unnaturally colorful. It would interfere with spellwork and, well, .....its not natural!

**About Magick**-Like anything worthwhile, I can provide the tools....but you are the secret to the magick. The outcome all depends on what you put into it. You can give two people an expensive set of paints and canvas.....and you will end up with two different paintings. How much effort YOU put into it, will determine if you are the "Dosso Dossi" of spellwork. :)

Be a good witch....know your craft!!

**Allergies**- Allergies- If allergies are a concern, please email us before buying any item of concern. We want to make sure you can use these items to the full extent. We are not responsible for allergies or adverse reaction caused by using these items. Your purchase of these items means that you agree with those terms.

For the record- We burn incense, smudges and herbal incenses in our shop all the time. :)If that is a concern, we would recommend you not purchase from our shoppe. :( The day a metaphysical store cannot burn incense, well....that would be a bit ridiculous, dont ya think?

**Altar Oils**-I use fragrance oil in some of my oils along with essential oils. With Rose sitting at 40.00 for 4 ml....and vanilla right up there with it (oh and there are, I would have to charge a fortune to make up for that cost.

If you require only essential oils in your ritual...I will be more than happy to mix a batch of only essential and carrier oils. (If you want essential rose, etc....well, its gonna cost ya! lol)

1/2 dram and 1 dram sizes will not contain whole roots etc....because they simply wont fit in the bottle. These will be filled from a master bottle that does contain the roots etc....therefore absorbing the magickal properties of that root.

***International Shipping**- We have and do ship internationally. With the international rates fluctuating constantly, we choose not to list that option. We usually end up quoting too low, and have to eat shipping costs.

Any rates we quote you for international shipping will be approximate (the quotes on USPS are NEVER ACCURATE), until we physically go to the post office and pay for the shipping. You will be responsible for any extra cost on the shipping.

We only make you pay for the exact shipping. We DO NOT pad our shipping or charge for boxes and packing materials.

**Pagan T-shirts**- We sell a ton of these. There may come a time when you order a certain size, and we may not have it in someone just ordered the last one right before you.

It can take 2-4 weeks for a new run of shirts. Please keep that in mind when ordering.

You can always drop us a note to make sure we have your size in stock. We can guarantee your size in stock only if you pay immediately.