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Welcome in my Store! New iems coming daily.Check up my sale :) Enjoy and have fun:)Welcome to my Shop!

I decided today to share a little bit of myself since i have been here ON ETSY and have been sharing my designs with You :)
I'm a Creator i create all the time my mind never stop thinking of a beauty from People Things and Placeas everything eround as is beautiful and we have the tools in our hands to create ...Word is a wonderful playground and we are the explorers we can play and have fun in life with everything we find surrender us life is simple and full of joy you do not need to have expencive fancy things to learn from ...You can find everything right here on this Earth You can learn from everyone isn't that amazing ?!!!
I simply find that out from my own experiance i learn my "broken anglish " how i like to call it cuz it is still not perfect :) from cartons People around me and books tv children books advetise bord enything i could find i appologyse for my mistakes in my words to You as i'm still learning ...People and Languages are my inspirations as simle as Children nature and everything around me :)
even working in factory as a machine operator i was creating thinking of what gose to the garbage and how i could turn it painted and make Art from it as far as sewing i starded with my first needle embroedery and simple stiches sewing bottons and learning what thred and needle really is teacher was my Grandmadeer which to today i'm thangful that she send me next door to her friend to learn the basicks tools at first i didn't like it at all i as 5 years old find that so boring and not playful at all but i was still practicing cuz i knew it it was making my grandma so happy :)lol at that time i din not realize what kind of treasure i had in my hand and how blesses i was to be honored to take those precious lessons....i will be back with more of my sewing story to tell ...from now thanks for taking the time and reading

Happy Day to you all, I hope that your day will be full of love.

I'm having a SALE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It has been 4 years since i first signed up on Etsy and I'm very thankful for the opportunity to share my creations - Thank you so very much to Etsy.

I would also love to say "Thank You" to all the wonderful fans who have listed my items in such beautiful treasuries for me - it is appreciated more than you know!!!!

Check out some of the dresses I have on sale all the time. I hope that you find something great for special occasions.

Thank You for visiting my shop once again... more new items are on the way!

Hope you will enjoy and find something you might like...
All my items are made with lots of passion and love!
Thank you so much to all of you for taking a look!!!

I open a new shophere ON ETSY and You are invited to take a peek *** I will be selling all kind of Wedding accesories and unique handmade Bouquets for Brides also could be used as perfect decoration for Your Home :) Take a look ***

With love,

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