vikingtradings' Shop Announcement

My metal wall art will make a statement that defines the ambiance of the surrounding space with its duality of might and elegance. Called "Urban Revival" this piece celebrates the triumphant nature of the urban environment, but by the same token keeps one reminded of the trials and tribulations that await.

One part of the creation almost always remains constant, and that is the canvas I use. The canvas consists of re-purposed aluminum plates 5" x 5", that are meticulously connected by the light weight aluminum rings and suspended on the copper or aluminum pipes at the top and bottom. The versatility of the canvas allows it to be changed to practically any dimension. (i.e. the piece I built for University Place in Indianapolis was 5' x 8' rectangular, and the most recent piece for University of Purdue was 5' x 3' )

The process of creation involves applying designs on the metal plates with acids, spray paint, and other mixed media elements, to create surface textures and imagery.