vintageatitsbest's Shop Announcement

I'm back and want to thank so many of you for the lovely messages during the time my shop was closed due to the flood and being out of the country. I will be slowly listing items here of amazing finds I have scored on my travels.
Seeing so many neat and new things and it still inspires me how creative you are all. You are truly a talented group and I am thrilled to be a small part of it all.

God Bless!

Return customers get increased discounts just ask how?

☼ Remember "KINDNESS" never goes out of style~

(▒)(▓)(▒)__ ███__ ██████ (░)(▒)(░)
_(▒)(▒)___██____███▒████ (░)(░)
___________██____ █▒▒▒♥__(░)(▒)
____________ ██____▒▒_____(░)(▒)
________█✯ _██ ▓▓▓▒▒▒▓____█_█
_(░)(░)___███_ ▓▓_▓▓▓▓▓▓__ █▀
_(░)(░)_____ _▓▓_▓▓▓▓▓_____ █
___________ ▓▓__▓▓▓▓_▓____▒░
__________ ▓▓__▓▓▓▓___▓__▓▒
_________ ▓▓___███❋█__▓▓_
________▒▒__ ♥▒▒♥▒▒♥▒
_______░___ ♥▒▒♥▒▒♥▒▒♥
__________ ♥▒▒♥▒▒♥▒▒♥▒▒
______ ♥▒▒♥▒▒♥▒▒♥▒▒♥▒▒♥▒▒
_______________▓▓ ▓▓
_(▒)(▒)_________▓▓__ ▓▓
_______________▓▓ ▓▓
______███____ ██__ (░)(▒)(░)

IMPORTANT: Please read the details on using the discount code words FIRST below!
Thank you for stopping by. New customers welcome! Return customers bless you! Those of you that shop with me know I offer fun discounts and return customers know I will honor many past coupons as a thank you.
☼ Remember that code will be honored for any reserve items as well.
Any return customers many discounts will be honored just for the asking as a thank you!
These Gift Certificates are valid only in my Etsy shop, and it is only redeemable here."
シ A smidge about me: I am easy to work with and open to talk about any of my items. I love people in general and have enjoyed the folks I have met here on Etsy so far. I am a wife, mom, and very proud gam-gam =) I love life and treat you the way I want to be treated always. I am always open to trades or offers, just ask.
My email is: treelpnblair [!at]
Thanks for allowing me to join your community and here's to hoping for a long relationship with you & Etsy~