ViolentBelle's Shop Announcement

Dear Fierce Awesome Folks,

Welcome to the kooky world of ViolentBelle!

All of the items are made lovingly with my own two hands, usually from vintage or recycled materials. Most things are one of a kind and will never be done again due to both materials and attention span.

You must me wondering what exactly a ViolentBelle is. Is she some crazy Axe wielding southern gal? A spear throwing French woman? Nope! A ViolentBelle comes from every part of the world.

Weapon may or may not be included.

She is ingenious, intelligent, and hardworking. She kicks ass, takes names, and never apologizes for it. Whimsical and serious, she's her own rocking paradox.

Crazy, kooky, a touch too spooky and a whole lot of fun!

NEWS 9/20/13

After a VERY VERY long leave of absence, I have restarted my business and have some lovely horns for you! Keep watch as I'll be posting fanciful crowns and other goodies in the coming weeks!


The Belle