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How my Etsy shop came about

My sister, a jeweler started doing outdoor fairs around Brooklyn, and at that point I had graduated school and was just working an office based part time gig on the side. I noticed how people would sell shirts at these markets and I figured maybe I could try designing on a shirt or two, try selling them and see what happens. Fortunately it didn't take long for me to sell stuff I made, so I kept going with it, as a way to make money off my own work. After a little while some designs proved especially popular, so I turned them into silkscreens.

As a big purveyor of handmade goods and such, Etsy seemed a good choice to set up an online shop. So far it's been one of my best resources to connect with customers and get my work out there.
owner, designer, maker, curator
I've basically kept a pencil in my hand ever since I could hold one.. I was heavily influenced by cartoons, video games. Born and raised in Brooklyn, graduated from SVA. I try to be versatile, drawing, painting, sculpting, photographing, even sewing.

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