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2 weeks

Model :: Satine Phoenix http://instagram.com/satinephoenix Photographer :: Kung Fu Breakfast http://kungfubreakfast.com Check out the entire photo session here :: http://kungfubreakfast.com/phoenixrising So many beautiful photos! Amazing!

1 year

model Lynette Cerezo harness by KILLTODAY photo by Gina Canavan / Gina Marie Canavan hair & makeup Elicia McCoy catsuit by V.O. Clothing - Handmade in Hollywood, CA USA

1 year

Photo Credit :: The Alchemist Magazine / Avant-Garde Issue Website: www.thealchemistmagazine.com Instagram: @alchemistmagazine #thealchemistmagazine Facebook: www.facebook.com/AlchemistMag Twitter: @thealchemistmag