VooDeDooDolls' Shop Announcement

voodoo dolls one of a kind handmade ju ju wishing dolls good luck plushies They actually create themselves through the energy of the Universe I just listen to their instructions and put them together with fun fabrics embellishments and a good dose of humor

All costume pieces are firmly sewn onto the dolls
I first sew Voo De Doo Dolls by machine for strength then I lovingly hand cross stitch all the way around the edge for a finished look giving the dolls even more personality Then I add costumes and embellishments to bring out their beauty

No two will ever be alike and each one is numbered see the back left hip

Every Voo De Doo Doll has it's own personality The one who is right for you will speak to you Just browse through the photos until you meet your new good luck charm

Your doll will arrive with a few tiny scrolls. Just write your wish on a scroll and tuck it into your doll's costume Then completely forget about your wish Let your Voo De Doo Doll do all the wishing wondering and worrying for you

These are GOOD LUCK Wishing Dolls....No matter what you may have heard about
Voodoo or Ju evil can ever come from these dolls

Wish Believe and Receive all the good things you want

Let me know how your wishes come true I would love to hear about your success
More dolls will be listed soon