wallSpells' Shop Announcement

Check out my spells in action ♥

Thank you for checking out my solar powered creations, which I call spells. I came up with them myself and want to share their coolness with the world. (^: They work by repositioning sunlight reflected off of crystals onto your walls and ceiling. Handstrung, beaded "spells" spin on top of a solar powered turntable when placed in direct sunlight. Colorful flecks of light trace the surfaces of your room, all slowly moving, thus creating a new, magical atmosphere. My spells are a pretty special kind of home decor. What they do is beautiful ♥ Again, please watch my video so you can see the way the light moves. It's just so pretty...

Each spell listed comes with a central prism, beaded crystal spell, and the solar powered base covered with fabric (felt by default, but convo me for other options). You get everything you need. You're welcome to choose your own felt color but in the event you don't specify, I'll pick a nice match for you; I've got your back.

Here are a couple ideas on how you can use your spell:

♥ Put it in a sunny windowsill. So pretty. They look beautiful behind lace curtains and are even sort of flirtatious to the out-of-door eye. It's almost like your house is winking at you when you're outside. Swoon.

♥ Put it in a sunny spot near a wall with shade. This is my personal favorite. In this position your spell will also create a vibrant background flight that shows elegant light movement and color unique to each spell. Checking out what happens right up against the wall is a lot of fun. At least it is for me. The movement of light like that is really quite stunning. Even the shadow of the spell itself catches light in a breathtaking way. So much to see... Check out the video! (^:

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.