wantonlemonade's Shop Announcement

***2/20/14 - Big Things Coming Kiddies!***
I've had a wonderful home here on Etsy for the better part of a decade and it continues to fuel my creativity and connects me with like-minded, extremely talented artists, artisans, and patrons from all walks of life.

In the coming year, I plan on having the Wantonlemonade shop back up and running; selling original drawings, paintings, limited edition prints and art cards. Eventually I'm looking to expand my designs into textiles and clothing.

Also, in the very near future will be back online; revamped, streamlined, and looking fine.

This is all in conjunction with my 2nd ever solo art show for the month of July 2014!

Details and excitement to come!

Peace & Love,


Drawings. Paintings. Lithographs. Custom Pieces. Cerebral and Earthen Landscapes.

The kinetic energy of a mind seeking, the art of Jennifer Klei is an ongoing exercise in perception.

I'm always open to doing custom work. Please inquire. I do portraiture, landscapes, still-lifes, abstract work, logos, tattoos, etc.

I look forward to creating for you!