wassupbrothers' Shop Announcement

Welcome to my shop!
Fore more info , daily life, works in progress and photos welcome to my instagram @wassupbrothers and Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/Wassupbrothers/

I really love making things with fabric, everything you see here is handmade by me and always one of a kind! Some of my creatures can look alike but never the same.
I try repurpose, recycle,reuse different materials as often as is possible.

Recycled and handmade things are not only ethical, they have a unique story and person behind them. They keep the warmth of human hands, have soul and beautiful imperfections. It’s magical to see how small pieces of fabric, vintage buttons, sweaters or old dresses turn into soulful creations. I love to give new life to the useless and old things.
Mostly i use natural fabric and fibers. If I am not satisfied with the fabric tone, i dye it with natural dyes like tea, coffee,cinnamon and others.

To know more about me and my shop read Etsy Featured Seller Interview :

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Peace and Love!