Modern Home Decor Inspired by Nature

Succulents are one of the many examples in nature where a species gloriously overcomes tremendous odds.

The idea for Waterstone Succulents evolved out of a thematic interest in the desert that I first explored in painting. I am fascinated with the tenacious, inventive and beautiful ways succulents in the mid-continental US and elsewhere have adapted over geological time to the extreme environments in which they now thrive. Succulents are masters of survival; their ‘succulence’ defined by an incredible ability to store water internally, conserving it for times of drought. By doing so, their lush, plump leaves become the visual antithesis of what common sense would tell you is physically possible given their environmental circumstances. They are one of many examples in nature where a species gloriously overcomes tremendous odds.

From the beginning, I wanted to create something entirely new that wouldn’t suffer by comparison to the live plants. I faced many obstacles along the way, problem solving one by one until the final product was achieved. I believe it’s the pristine whites, luminous metallic and playful neon colors that set these apart. As soon as I began applying paint, I said to myself ‘Ooo… now you have something.’

To me, these small sculptures are relics; comparable to a pristine white sand dollar or the shell of a sea urchin.
owner, maker, designer, curator
I am the owner, creator, and designer behind ‘Waterstone Succulents.’ I love making beautiful objects inspired by nature that bring light and positivity home. Help me spread the love.

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