waxandwanewands' Shop Announcement

Happy 2016! We are back in the studio. Celebrate Imbolc with 10% off of your entire purchase. Just join our closed FB group for the coupon code: https://www.facebook.com/groups/waxandwanewands/. Coupons are pinned to the top of the FB page and on the FB Group banner, when available!

Supply note: Wax & Wane does not support Hobby Lobby stores. Studio Hours: M-F, 11 a.m.-6 p.m. EST, Sat. 12 p.m.-2 p.m. biweekly.

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*Wax and Wane started as a wand shop. We also sell smudge fans, smudge sticks, fantasy crafting, metaphysical items, and home-made "body, mind & spirit" items for your home and sacred space. All wands and fans are custom made to order...and are as special and unique as you! All of our wands are made by hand, using North American specialty woods such as Oak, Pine, Dogwood, Tulip Tree, Nandina, Forsythia, Holly, Orange Honeysuckle, Ivy, Willow, Azalea, Gardenia, Cherry, and more. Handles are made from suede, silk, cotton, precious stones, and crystals. Tips of wands are hand-carved, and crystals are available. These wands are altar blessed, made from trees and shrubs from our own land, and the wood is given freely of the trees, in exchange for an offering. Custom wands are available...we love to work with customers and fulfill special needs: decorative and magical! Message us if you would like to co-create a custom wand, with a particular wood, handle, crystal, beads, and colors.

*A Note to All Customers: Each smudge fan is one of a kind, and all the feathers are unique and naturally dropped, so be aware that your fan will be as close as possible, but not identical, to the demo fan in the photo. Sometimes certain small detail feathers go in and out of stock, as do the sustainable leather handle pieces that I receive from small artisans. We keep the fans as close to the pictures as possible, and use the same materials whenever they are available. If they are not available, then we use a very close substitution.These are not craft store feathers, so some feathers will not be perfectly smooth, starched, or chemically dyed like packaged store feathers. We think this makes the fans far more special.*

*We will be selling handcrafted neopagan goodies such as handpainted runes and blessing bowls, wreaths, wands, crystals, handmade jewelry, and decor for meditation and sacred spaces. There will also be fine art.

*There will be things for the body such as home-made sea salt bath soaks which include essential oils, home grown dried herbs and flowers from my garden.

*There will be delights for the eyes and nose such as hand-made smudge and incense sticks, and beeswax herbal jar candles. Many use upcycled jars, and all are organic and non-toxic.

*There will be medicinals such as loose jarred herbs, and custom loose tea blends.

*There will be high-end specialty gift baskets and seasonal items, for the upcoming holidays.

Stay Tuned!
I have been growing and drying herbs for over 20 years, and was taught how to cut, cure, and dry them by my Great-Grandmother and Grandmother. It's a family tradition! All herbs are pesticide free, and organically grown. Some herbs may be seasonal or have limited availability. The essential oils in all herbs are at their peak during evening hours, and especially during full moons. All of our herbs are harvested with this in mind, to provide you with the highest quality scent. All herbs are rack dried, hung upside down, which encourages the essential oils to drain into the leaves for maximum potency.

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