wearartbyjulie's Shop Announcement

I've been working on multiple types of projects going to various places. I have some projects I'm looking forward to focusing on such as more earrings and custom design pendants. I've been constructing some really interesting pieces with scroll wires that have been cut, shaped and formed. I've got ideas in my head and soon they will reach my finger tips! Some will be posted here in the near future.

I've recently listed some Arizona theme bracelets and I've put some pretty cool places to visit on them! It's possible you've already visited the Grand Canyon and some other points of interest. These can be a great souvenir or reminder of your great trip to the Grand Canyon State.

I'm going to dedicate more time to working on some new earring designs and working with different types of milled leaves. I have a lot of ideas floating around in that sketchbook of my mind. I also have some ideas on paper and one by one, they come to be! I have lots of projects in the works and will have more pieces posted soon.

I've also been working on some very pretty sterling silver pendants with oak leaf designs and I will be using some very pretty stones for accents with those. I'll have more of these listed soon. I've been working on some sterling silver pendants with woven wire in various shapes. I've also been setting up the chains with pearls and sterling silver beads.

I want to create special items that can be used and cherished year after year. Toys and gifts come and go, but those special handmade items stay around for a lifetime of memories. Give a gift that will be handed down, but never given away. My dream is to create something as special as the person who will wear it or as special as the person receiving it.

Thanks for visiting my shop!