we are Made For Each Other

Founders, Aaron & Claire
Dismantling our grandfather's century old barn
Our reclaimed wood carefully stacked and stored
Claire stacks cutoffs for the Monolith bookends
Aaron glues up blocks for the Monolith bookends

We are Made For Each Other

Soon after meeting, Aaron and Claire dreamed of launching a small, design-based business. A love of mid-century modern paired with a shared interest in living a more sustainable lifestyle, the couple decided to create their home living collection.

Stars quickly aligned for the new venture when Aaron’s grandfather offered them his dilapidated century old barn as a material resource.

M.F.E.O. was born, a joint effort to handcraft sustainably sourced materials into timeless pieces for the home. The family barn is still featured in many of M.F.E.O.'s designs.

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Aaron Van Holland
owner, maker, designer, Co-founder
My grandfather had planned to demolish an old barn on his dairy farm in Oregon. I knew that I couldn’t let a 100+ year old, hand built barn go to waste.
Claire Van Holland
owner, maker, designer, Co-founder

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