wearwholeness' Shop Announcement

What does it mean to wear wholeness? For SilverSchells, it means designing an impressive jewelry line in order to make a difference.

wearwholeness is a jewelry collection created by SilverSchells in order to support organizations that help individuals around the world who have suffered domestic and child abuse.

Every WEARWHOLENESS accessory has a built-in 25% donation to help fund such programs. -

SilverSchells’ first collection, “WearWholeness”, blends timeless design with unique, vintage-inspired & soulful accents. -

Fashion has the power to get causes “trending”. Keeping this influence in mind," the Wholeness collection " - creating superior statement pieces that would stand out and help spread the word about our mission.

The jewelry is all handmade in Williston North Dakota.

SilverSchells is mainstreaming the concept of “WEARWHOLENESS” and trending domestic and child abuse as a social injustice.

SilverSchells hope that the beauty of the jewelry will translate into a means to not just improve the lives of domestic and child abuse people in need through monetary contributions, but to also eliminate the discrimination and stigma that often surrounds domestic and child abuse. -