Handcrafted metalwork jewelry

jewelry: handmade for you

I started my shop in 2006. Making little items for gifts or decor is something that I have done my entire life. I had been following craft blogs and collectives like Austin Craft Mafia for several years. Etsy was an accessible way for me to join in on the handmade movement.

My jewelry making journey started when I made a necklace to wear to a wedding. I visited a local bead shop and fell in love with all of the colors and textures of the beads.

Seeing the expression on someone's face when they receive one of my pieces is my favorite thing.
Rebecca W.
owner, maker
I grew up in Ohio. As a kid I would take over my mom's dining room table with projects. To this day there is glitter embedded in that tabletop. I am currently trying to make something handmade for any gift-giving opportunity that presents itself.

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