webercrafthouse's Shop Announcement

Dear Guest,

Welcome to our shop!

You might be wondering "what is crafthouse?" Well here's our definition:

Crafthouse:def;(n)(1)works of "ambitious creation;" (2)an addictive drive in the arts.

Crafhouse is also a collaboration of women from the same family who consider crafting our "crack." We view crafting as an addiction, a way to seek new inspiration, and, once in awhile, as a cheap alternative to therapy.

After years of creating different pieces and working with new media, we finally thought it was time to share our work with the world. (I probably should have mentioned that we tend to have problems hoarding our creations, too).

Hopefully, you will find as much inspiration (and addiction) from our work as we do. Feel free to message us with any questions or if you are interested in a custom piece.

And check out our blog ( to discover our most recent projects, new ideas, and have a little peek into our daily lives.

With love,

the crafthouse ladies