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I literally started printing on an ironing board. Then I had a piece of wood I screwed to some hinges and then attached that to the wall. It wasn't the most advanced equipment in the world, but my budget was $0, so I had to be a bit resourceful. Eventually I printed enough shirts on my DIY gear to save up for my first 4-color carousel. It was nothing fancy but it allowed me to start offering my services to other people - I guess that's when Wet House was born.

That's when the commercial aspect of it all took off at least. I've since gathered an entire shop worth of professional production level equipment, enough screens to literally fill a room, and probably didn't sleep for about a year to get to the point I'm at now.

It's been a learning process the whole way. I've had to learn professional-level graphic design for print application, how to run a business (up, not in to the ground), customer service, how to be awake at 9am, how to run an entire shipping operation, print shop, and the list goes on.

My designs on Etsy are a reflection of who I am and who I've always been. I've joked that my shirts are the result of me always having been the class clown, except instead of being in the principal's office, I'm making a living off it.

If my work makes you laugh, I've succeeded. If you're offended, I've succeeded (and then some). If my work makes you consider filing a lawsuit or a cease and desist, I've succeeded. I guess I have a potty mouth, so if you don't like words such as fuck or shit, my stuff might not be what you're looking for.

A friend and I threw this video together real quick to sort of highlight me and my shop - I think it gets to the point better than my ramblings ever could (it's not thrown together, we've been working on this for a year+)
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