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I love using gemstones from around the world for my birthstone cage necklaces!
I try to cover a wide variety of interests...
Sometimes I get help from my assistant Cricket! She likes to arrange the pieces during photo shoots.

Every piece should tell a story....

I do love a good story and books have been an inspiration all my life. With this vision in mind I started What A Novel Idea with jewelry made of altered books. It's hard to cut up a copy of Wuthering Heights or Pride and Prejudice but these books were taken off of dusty shelves, recycled and given new life!

I still create altered book jewelry but discovered the art of using images on acrylic plastic. I adore vintage designs and that gave me the motivation to start creating necklaces and brooches made from retro circus posters. This medium allows me to be very creative and I've had such a good time researching and manipulating these images into unique pieces. I attempt to allow each design to tell its own story whether it's the tale of two trusting acrobats swinging high above an amazed crowd or a hungry cat trying to figure out how it will catch its next meal.

What A Novel Idea was created three years ago and I feel like I learn something new every day. I plan on creating wearable, interesting stories for many years to come.
Chantelle Wilson
owner, Jacky of All Trades

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