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What Comes Around London…

“anyone who lives within their means, suffers from a serious lack of imagination” Oscar Wilde.

The excitement I get when trawling second hand furniture shops and car boot sales, and suddenly finding a piece of furniture that I know I can inject new life into is how “What Comes Around London” was born.

My Dad was an Antiques dealer when I was growing up (after being a lifeguard, actor and now a designer). So I have always had an interest in furniture, “ Hasn’t it got a lovely patina’’ was a common phrase when I was growing up!

This has developed into the concept of upcycling furniture, reworking existing pieces and recycling the past. I see the potential in the unloved. An old windowpane could a coffee table, for example.

I'm regularly on the hunt for new treasure so check back regularly to see what I've been upcycling and re-working.