Fine Art Original Abstract Paintings and Gifts

I pull materials from lots of sources but I always use artist quality pigments and papers.
I sometimes marvel at the beauty that can be found in the accidental markings on my work surface.
It's a humble space but everything I need is here. And I don't need to worry about splashing around in the paint.
My new miniatures series which I created in an effort to make my original artwork more accessible and economical.
At work again. I enjoy my time painting though it presents it's own challenges at times.

Once Upon a Painting

I've been making and selling my artwork and handicraft since I was a young girl. I come from a large family, (10!) and both my parents are lifelong makers; my Dad an artist and my mother a weaver, (among many, many other pursuits). I would sell my jewelry and hairclips at craft shows while my mom sold woven blankets and homemade preserves.
Years later, after graduating with a vocational art diploma and a degree in Fine Arts, I became heavily involved in the local art scene curating and selling my own and other's work from a small gallery that I co-owned.
I was called to be a mother in 2010 and my art took a backseat for a time. A second child blessed my life in 2012 and something was reawakened in me. I began producing paintings which were a marked departure from my earlier work. I was thrilled to be painting again and I began looking around for a venue to share my work in and found Etsy. I opened my shop and have had only encouragement and well wishes from all the artists I've encountered here.
I am a painter at heart. I guess I always have been. To me, the material concerns of the artist hold much fodder for subject matter choices. Aesthetically I'm a Modernist. My current body of paintings explore the interplay of drawing with writing all the while highlighting the natural characteristics of fine paper. Each piece is created by hand, by me in my studio. I'm open to any questions about the work, my process or the shop. Best wishes, Mary