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Whiskey & Wedding Bells

So girl goes off to Berklee College of Music, the school of her dreams, and wakes up four years later with half a songwriting degree, and a mean new friend named Sallie Mae. So after a couple years of working retail (who knew there was such a small demand for a songwriting degree? Imagine that!), decided it was high time to wield her other secret talent- super craft powers! And thus Whiskey & Wedding Bells was born.

That's me, and W&WB is my baby. It's given me a platform to keep pursuing a life of independence and creativity, without literally being a starving artist. I've been creative my whole life, and I'm lucky enough to put my heart and hands into something beautiful every day. Whiskey & Wedding Bells is fueled by Bon Iver records, Twin Peaks reruns, Thai takeout, Ira Glass, and daily dance breaks.

I don't do it alone, though! I would be completely overwhelmed without the help of my sister Shannon, and one of my best friends, Jess. They're the peanut butter to my jelly, and do an amazing job.

So thanks for stopping by. Drop us a line. Hug your mom. We love ya. You're great.
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Bri is the boss lady. When she's not answering messages or bossing Shannon and Jess around, she's playing guitar, sipping the occasional (yep, you guessed it) whiskey, or planning her next road trip.
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Quality Control, Maker...of trouble

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