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whitecarnation's Shop Announcement

at some times vintage-ish, usually recycled, here fancy, there casual, some a bit eccentric...

at all times designed and made by me.

Prices reflect the materials, labor, and creativity of hand made love. Don't be afraid to make me a trade offer if you don't have that much cash. I love a good trade.

In general, I will trade for up to half the price of an item. (you pay half, plus your item(s) to trade-) But we'll work those all out on an individual basis (: See my "policies" section for details.

Some items are absolutely one time only. Others can be replicated or re-designed in a newish way for you and your unique self. Check my sold section as well for other designs-

I am also happy to do alterations for a more perfect fit to your unique measurements, when possible.

I'm always open to hearing your requests.

For more info, pictures and an occasional giveaway, please visit my blog at

***By the way, it is my long awaited Grand Opening!***

I signed up for this Etsy account 2 years ago. Since then, it's just been waiting for me while I was busy with other adventures. Now seemed like a good time to finally set up shop.

So. welcome!