WildRootsDesigns - Earth Inspired Art

Archery shoot at Moses Lake, WA
Hiking around White River area.
Ice mountain, oil
Cowgirls' Delight
Trillium painting, oil

DEEP love and respect for the Earth.

I have always loved to draw from a very young age. As an Art major in high school, I went on to VCU in Virginia. I was not able to continue as unforeseen family events took place. I had experiences with the mountains and land in Virginia that opened up my soul to the spirit world and have never looked once you are awake, you can never go back. I then headed west, looking for more wild and pristine land, and ended up here in WA. I have learned so much from the land here and soaked in her beauty and cried with her abuses. I have a connection to the earth now, that is so strong no matter where I go, I can see her in her pure state and it is beautiful. It is my life's purpose to create beauty and respect for her through my art. I like to get people to think deeply about where things come from and their connection to it, and every thing. As once you understand this connection you could not destroy it as it is part of you.
Blessed Be,
We are ONE
Cindy Ruprecht
owner, Painter, jewelry, leather, felt, knitting, herbal preparations, creator of many things
I have a hard time doing one thing.....I like to have many baskets full of skills......Leather working, painting, jewelry, archery, felting, knitting, gardening, wildcrafting, and primitive skills are my passions.