Natural, whimsical and imaginative Homes for Wee Folk

This is a picture of my outdoor summer worktable. It is set under a shade shelter that I built in my garden
Gardening with herbs and flowers is my favorite outdoor pastime. I seasonally make herbal soap and save dried flowers.
Working with wool, home dyeing and making felt have become a treasured part of my work.
"Living Fence" project by my herb garden, the garden is very much apart of every day life, full of inspiration and ideas
I use many seed pods, I love seed pods and find inspiration in the natural resources that I find


Making things and selling them was something I started as a young teenager. At about 14 I was making paper mache props and painting backdrops for local commercial puppet theatre that my mother made the marionettes and puppets for. I had also learned to do woodworking and pottery. I was so in love with the worlds of art and nature! It was also my desire to share and inspire others with this great passion.
As adulthood came, I became a single parent with three children and turned to what I knew best, my art, to help make my way. I tried silk screening signs, making coat racks and cupboards with my style of art and design, which I wholesaled at gift shows. I actually did get a quite a few orders, but after a couple years it was apparent that while money was coming in and going out, there was no profit being made and my overhead was too high. I decided to come up with another business that did not have the high over head.
So walking in the woods one day, I came upon a small , dead, hollow tree laying on the ground. It had a natural opening where a limb had been that looked like a door to me, a gnome door. The wheels in my head were turning. I took the log home and felt that without too much work, I could turn this into a cute rustic house. I had already started making birdhouses out of barnwood and was embellishing them with twisty twigs and moss. So I cut a gabled roof on the log and put a window over the door. I added some steps under the door and a chimney to the old shakes I made the roof out of. This was my first home in the style that was to become the signature look for my new business, Lucinda & Co. It was 1989. Finding hollow logs however was not so easy. I had to figure out how to hollow them out myself, which I eventually did after a lot of trial and error and cut up firewood. I began collecting and recycling old shakes off barns and houses for the roofs. I continued to add the twisty and magical looking limbs I found in the woods to the houses as roof supports and door awnings, the houses themselves were now round and not square. After making about 60 houses I arranged to go to my first Art and Craft show. At the show my daughter and I sold everything we had the first half of the first day. The feeling of triumph and success was intoxicating! On our way home we stopped at a then new type of store, Costco, and bought a microwave and a large trampoline! Lucinda & Co was off and running! The "Co." part of the name was my three children, who were now old enough to help , as well as Grandma and Grandpa who pitched in when needed--- it became a true little Cottage Industry.
Lucinda & Co. primarily sold functional songbird houses , gsrden Toad homes and whimsical Gnome and Fairy houses, all reflecting my original design style and made from materials I found in the mountains where I lived. My need for low overhead was met. Excellence in craftsmanship, unique and original design and artistic beauty through natural materials were signature qualities to the work and what people most often commented on and appreciated. Many years of doing shows far and wide taught me that there was a place in people's hearts for small houses, that men loved them as well as women and children and wild life, who used them without hesitation.
I had the privilege of seeing the many smiling faces as they approached my displays and felt the gratitude of being able to make this many people happy with my creations. Over the years I wrote a book, did a lot of wholesaling and met many wonderful people. Two of my children helped pay their way through college making houses and often when I thought I could just not make anymore, a store would call and beg me. That is when I realized that the business had a "life of it's own" and started calling it the little business that could. It had no intention of "quitting"!
After these many years, I have slowed down and no longer wanted to do all the driving. I had also kept a regular job and pursued other fields of artistic interest while doing this business. So with the children grown and life changing, I decided to make the grand leap , to leave my regular job and just try to support myself on my art and woodworking. I decided to try to do an online shop. "Willodel" on etsy was born! There was a lot to be learned, but a lot to be gained! As we all know here, the making of things is only a small part of it it all. Lucinda & Co. has now become Willodel and now a grandson who loves making things helps me out when he can.
Every day I am grateful for Etsy and the opportunity it has brought. It has allowed me to do everything I have wanted to do in making and selling my art and also set the stage for meeting the most wonderful people. The people I connect with here constantly inspire me to make and do more beautiful things. The opportunity to delight and to inspire others, especially children, is very wonderful indeed.
Thank you All!
Lucinda Macy
owner, maker, designer, curator