willsquigdesign's Shop Announcement

Will Squig Design is all one of a kind art work created by New York City artist William Conroy Lindsay. Every piece is unique as the line forms a different path on each piece. He began his work in 1998 sitting in a literature class at college. With just a pen and a notebook listening to lectures, out of boredom and to escape reality for awhile, he would fill hundreds of pages with his one continuous line over many classes. After a few years of studying theatre, he transferred to The School of Visual Arts, Manhattan NYC, in the year 2000 studying graphic design and fine art. In a class called originality, which encouraged the student to work on creating new images and ideas, his designs became alive beyond all the notebooks. He created them with pen on 18" by 24" drawing paper, filling an entire page. Experimenting with mediums, his designs then moved on to acrylic and 3-D fabric paint on canvas in many color combinations and sizes up to 5 by 5 feet. He experiences a feeling of relaxation and is like a way of meditation creating his work, a chance to get away from the stresses of life. The line is like a representation of one's life taking unexpected twists and turns. He wants the viewer to get what they want out of his work, seeing what they want to imagine in each piece. This is why each title of his work is as simple as possible (the color of the line and background, like Fluorescent orange Line on Yellow, etc) that is it. He continues painting on many things today, paintings, cocktail glasses, vases, the exterior of his car, and interior walls of people's apartments. He would like as many as possible to experience and enjoy the influence of the one continuous line. Today he now works out of his studio in Astoria Queens and continues to work on this series as well as designing window displays for his day job at a high-end luxury suiting company in mid-town Manhattan, NYC.

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