windows2thesoul's Shop Announcement

These beautiful windows are made of acrylic glass, which looks just like real stained glass. The advantage to using acrylic glass to make a stained glass windows is.
They aren't as heavy as real stained glass windows there for you can hang them anywhere or replace a window with the glass. The acrylic is 50 to 100 times stronger than regular glass so it is good for security as well as being beautiful.
The colors are spectacular and do change throughout the day as the sun goes down, just like standard stained glass. The colors do not fade like they do on standard glass. There is UV protection built into the acrylic glass, so it protects the color and anything it is covering like carpet or furniture.
The textures are wonderful also. For example, on windows that have seahorses you can see the scales. And the windows that have waves, you can see the bubbles in the waves.
Another advantage is I can custom make just about any picture or design. I can do much finer detail than those that do regular stained glass windows.
Finally, the shipping on these windows is about 80% less than regular stained glass windows due to the weight.

The windows hang by 2 clear suction cups, or you can request clear adhesive dots, so it looks like it is just part of your own window. No ugly chains to look at.
My creations are hand painted, then cured for 7 days. It is not a film on the acrylic glass. After the window cures, the paint and the acrylic glass become one. Then I apply a sealer that repels fingerprints and dust.

Please keep in mind photos can not capture the full beautiful and vibrant colors of these windows, especially when the sun shines through them.

Instead of opening a new shop we meaning myself and my daughter Logan will be adding jewelry to this shop. She is the inspiration of starting this because of her talent and love of making jewelry. She has a unique eye for design and quality,I love it! I know there are others that would love her sense of design also, because of all the compliments I get when wearing the pieces I have bought from her.

I also love glass beads and I plan to start incorporating more of them into my window pieces in future window designs. Thank you so much for your interest and questions are welcome.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.