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Highest ranking window treatments creator on etsy! You may supply your own fabric! Affordable stylish custom window treatments hand made to your specifications. Now selling Roman Shade Construction Supplies. Check out the "Supplies Section."

Current turnaround time on Flat roman shades is about 6 weeks. ORDER PROCESS: PLEASE note when ordering that the instructions for ordering are written in the description of the items. Please follow those instructions so we can best serve you. DO NOT purchase the listings in this shop unless it is a custom listing with your name on it. The listings in this shop are just samples and descriptions of what we make. Your window treatment price will be calculated based on the size of your window.


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ON SAFETY: As of November 2, 2011 our shades are in compliance with the Window Coverings Safety Standards with the use of an encased cord. The case is sewn into the shade which does not allow the cord to be pulled away from the shade. Read more about it on our November 2nd post on our facebook page where you will find pictures of the new casing and also how the shades look with this alteraion.

ON OUR CORDLESS FUNCTION: Our cordless function is designed to be affordable and functional. There will be brass rings sewn down the back of your shade at about every ten inches. You will be provided with hooks to insert through the brass rings at whatever height you want your shade raised to. This is a safety feature we offer, but our cording system is in compliance with window covering safety regulations.

ON FABRIC: There are appropraite and innapropriate fabrics for window treatments. Please include a link to your fabric selection so we may approve it. I have accepted light weight materials in the past because the buyer had their "heart set on it." I made it clear the problems that come with light weight fabrics, but they insisted. And as a result their treatments ended up exactly as I had warned and I was unfairly given bad feed back as a result. Since I cannot risk my good name anymore I will no longer be doing treatments with light weight materials. If you "heart is set" on a fabric that is light weight I would invite you to look at other etsy vendors who might willing to take on the project.

ON BLACKOUT LINING: Our blackout liner is white, ivory or ecru. We match it to your fabric upon arrival. There is an insulating material in the lining that is black. When the blackout is sewn with the sewing machine the needle will remove the black insulating material. This means that when light is coming through the window, the holes the sewing needle created in top stitching will not be blacked out and the seam will be visible. This seam s only visible in direct light. Additionally, the blackout can be removed by the needle and deposited on the fabric.

FABRIC RECCOMENDATIONS: I recommend canvas, duck, medium weight linens, medium weight cottons, etc. Please include a link to your desired fabric or a description. If you would like help selecting a fabric I am happy to help!

FABRIC SITES: Please check out the right collumn of our blog under "Buy Fabric For Your Custom Window Treatments" for fabric selections.

How to measure your windows:

5% sales tax on all Virginia state orders.

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