Beading in process...
Medium Dazzlefly Suncatcher hanging in a rearview mirror
David making Merkabas
Swarovski crystals...the most sparkly, gorgeous beads!
Our Sedona way we get our inspiration!

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Ah, the story of our Etsy shop. I can't count how many times people said to us, "Do you have an Etsy shop?" and we would answer, "Not yet". Well, after many years of selling our lines wholesale to gift shops throughout the country (and beyond), we decided to go for it and open our shop.

We have learned more about taking photos by having our Etsy shop than there are words for (and there is still a ways to go). Swarovski crystals and iridescent glittery wings are about the most challenging place to start with taking photos. Turns out, it's become one of the more exciting parts of having the shop!

It's added another level of excitement to our business, having this shop. We love making Etsy orders! It feels so personal. Knowing the name of the person the pieces will be going to and the colors they choose adds to the love we put into our pieces.

To be able to live a creative life on a daily basis and to look forward to work each day is a tremendous blessing that we don't take for granted. We are very grateful!
Windy Jones
owner, designer, maker, Dragonfly and Butterfly lady
I discovered my love for jewelry making as a kid when my Mom took me to a bead store. I walked into that shop and I saw my future. The first piece I made sold right off my Mom's neck! That's when my love for creativity began and it keeps growing...
David Chalat
owner, designer, maker, Gem Star maker
Sierra Jones
Shop model, best daughter ever!
The Boss Lady

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