wingandprayerperfume's Shop Announcement

Welcome to the Etsy shop of A Wing & A Prayer Perfumes! Wearing a special fragrance is a definitive expression of who you are (or want to be). Define yourself naturally this Summer by wearing one of AWAAP Perfumes.

A Wing & A Prayer Perfumes announces two new perfume, AZURE Perfume and SAGITTARIUS. AZURE Perfume is an all natural fragrance that is BLUE, like the Aegean Sea. it was inspired by! This lovely citrus floral fragrance is available in our signature etched hummingbird bottle and can be found in the Days and Seasons Section of our shop.

SAGITTARIUS Cologne is a masculine citrus woody fragrance that is perfect for Summer. SAGITTARIUS Cologne blends citrus notes with the warmth of Sandalwood, to create a clean fresh vibrant scent as unique as the man who wears it! SAGITTARIUS Cologne can be found in the SIGNATURE Section of our shop.

AWAAPPerfumes introduces ILLUMINATIONS , 100% Soy Wax Candles in four lovely fragrances, Bois de Rose, French Vanilla, Tuscany and Water Lily. Simply beautiful, each ILLUMINATION Candle comes in a special pouch with a Moon Goddess charm attached. ILLUMINATIONS Candles is a perfect gift any time of year! ILLUMINATION Candles is in our HOME Section and sells for a reasonable $25. So check it out, and let this special gift light up someone's world!!

Other fragrances perfect for the warmer weather are BELLINI, JADE and VERDE Perfumes . As fresh as a Georgia peach mixed with a splash of Champagne, BELLINI PERFUME OIL is 100% perfume and comes in a beautiful custom roll on bottle. So, grab yourself a BELLINI in the 1/3 ounce for $48.00. BELLINI can be found in the DELIGHTS Section of our shop.

JADE and VERDE Perfumes are green in color as well as in their fragrance notes. The perfumes come in our specially designed etched bottle by artist Michael Smith of Day Dream Designs.

JADE is an ode to Celadon Jade and has that same beautiful green tint to this liquid art. The notes are blended to perfection and include Lavender , Jasmine , lime and Linden Blossom. You can read about JADE in the DAYS & SEASONS Section of our shop. This cool JADE Perfume comes in two sizes, 1oz for $60.00 or 2oz for $90.00.

VERDE Perfume is blend of Jasmine, Lavender and Mint, with citrus and floral notes, As green as the emerald it was named for, VERDE Perfume can be found in the DAYS & SEASONS Section. VERDE in her green glory, can be yours for $75.00.

Don't forget your four legged BFF by purchasing a bottle of Eau de PAWfumes. Eau de PAWfumes can be found in two sizes in the Home Section.

Remember to that all of our fragrances, including our new fragrances, are available in our Mini Sampler trio. The Mini Sampler is a great way to try out any of our perfumes for a modest cost of $15.00!! The Mini Sampler is found in the Custom Fragrance Section of our shop. The THREE MUSKATEERS is another wonderful way to try out our perfumes in the larger 1/4oz bottles for $45, because sometimes size does matter. Check out the THREE MUSKATEERS in the Custom Section of the shop.

We continue our customer appreciation service besides the free perfume samples which are included with all purchases, and when you spend $35 or more, you will receive a special gift with your purchase. It is our way of saying Thank You.

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To our dear customers in Canada and Europe, USA regulations regarding sending perfumes that have an alcohol base are restricted. But never fear! All of our fragrances are available as roll-on perfume oils or as solids creme perfume compacts. Our perfume oils are so light you will think they are perfume sprays and infact can be placed in a sprayer too. We use a blend of golden jojoba & clear jojoba oils with a touch of apricot kernel oil. This blend is non greasy and has a long lasting fragrance time as well! Also USPS Priority Mail stipulates that we will need a contact phone number. When ordering please leave a contact phone number in the Note Section of your order. This information will be confidential and the purpose is to comply with this new regulation only. Thank you for understanding.

Thank you for stopping by A Wing & A Prayer Perfumes and remember when you wear one of our lovely perfumes you instantly become fragrantly unforgettable! Wishing you fragrant Summer!

Fragrantly yours,
Jane & Sarah