wingtips' Shop Announcement

What's not to love about a new pair of shoes? For an artist like me, what's not to love about a new shape of canvas to paint on? And what is more fashionably and ecologically correct than upcycling shoes into indie haute couture?

Each pair of Wingtip shoes is completely unique, handpainted by me with high-quality leather paints and sealed to prevent cracking and peeling. If you love 'em and the shoe fits, you should grab 'em, because there might not be another pair like them, ever.

Don't see your size? I can paint a favorite pair of your own shoes, message me for details. A caveat, however: I will not be painting "custom" shoes. As in...I'm so sorry but I'm not going to paint portraits of your lovely cats, or copy a favorite Van Gogh painting (as much as I adore cats and admire Van Gogh), and in general will bristle at micromanagement. I'm painting shoes to have fun. Tell me your colors, feel free to float ideas such as "I like flowers" and "I'll be wearing these with trousers so only the toe will show," and trust me to make something unique and extremely wearable. The cost will be between $150 (very simple design or not much surface area) to $300 (boots)...we can talk about your budget.

If you would like to try these shoes on in person, they are at Handwork in Ithaca, NY.

Meanwhile, stand tall and be ready to walk around the world.

If you'd like to see my more serious art, please check out my other Etsy site: