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Announcement    Welcome to the Japanese Green Tea Co. Etsy Shop!
We added bundle products! The price of the bundles is 20% of the price if you purchase a single item.
As we are new to Etsy, we are learning everything. If you have any suggestions, please let me know! (^^)


Last updated on May 5, 2022

Welcome to the Japanese Green Tea Co. Etsy Shop!
We added bundle products! The price of the bundles is 20% of the price if you purchase a single item.
As we are new to Etsy, we are learning everything. If you have any suggestions, please let me know! (^^)



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Global Tea Championship Winner 2017, 2018 & 2019, Authentic Japanese Tea Grown in Sugarcane Soil

Like a fine wine, high-quality tea depends on more than pretty packaging. The age of the leaves, their growing conditions, and even soil fertility all impact the final flavor. For us, how tea is grown and the way it’s processed is the secret for crafting a sweet, nutritious tea like no other.

We Strive for Sweeter Soil Cultivation with the Chagusaba Method

Chagusaba (茶草場) is an ancient farming method that relies on tending both man-made and natural grasslands to enhance soil fertility. This labor-intensive process takes thousands of man hours every season, but tea farmers find it worthwhile for the crop quality it produces.

Practiced by Shizuoka farmers for centuries, grasses are grown throughout tea plantations in the summer months, later to be cut down to form an insulating layer to prevent the ground from freezing. Sugar cane and sugar syrup are also added to the soil to enhance its sweetness.

By enriching, protecting, and revitalizing the soil beneath each tea tree, the chagusaba method sweetens the taste of each tea leave by keeping plant roots warm and well-nourished throughout the winter. As the mulch breaks down in the spring, it adds much-needed silicic aid to the base of each tree, enriching the soil and preventing roots from getting burned from too much nitrogen.

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    Kei Nishida is a Japanese green tea enthusiast, a writer, and the founder and CEO of Japanese Green Tea Co. Having spent his early years in Japan, Kei Nishida has been fervent about green tea throughout his life.

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Frequently asked questions
Wholesale availability

Japanese Green Tea Co. provides wholesale of quality Japanese green tea to various Japanese Restaurants, Spas, and Grommet Shops throughout the USA. If you are interested in our wholesale service, please contact us.

Do you ship from USA or from Japan?

We ship all our tea from our warehouse in the USA (Washington State) and Canada (for Canadian customers) so that you do not have to worry about import duty and you get free and faster shipping.

How do you ship green tea?

Our fresh green teas are shipped directly from Japan to our warehouse in Washington. In addition, we ship all our fresh green tea straight to you from our warehouse in Washington, using USPS. This shipping approach allows us to quickly send fresh green tea to your door without any international shipping involved.

What is so special about your green tea?

Our tea is grown using the Chagusaba method. The Chagusaba Method is a traditional green tea farming method used for centuries in areas where plants such as the Japanese silver grass are cut and used as organic fertilizer between autumn and winter. Plants are cut into small pieces and are carefully placed on the ground of the farmland. This increases the temperature and moisture of dirt, which fertilizes the soil better. Japanese silver grass also contains many silicic acids, which is excellent for making the dirt richer. This process is highly labor-intensive, but the tradition has been followed for centuries in the area to create the best green tea

I would like to try green tea. Which tea do you recommend?

If you are new to green tea, we usually recommend Nozomi, which is very popular as it tastes similar to widely known gyokuro tea but without a high price tag.

If you want to use it for baking and cooking, powdered form matcha is excellent. You can make latte, smoothie or simply add to ice cream!

If you want cold green tea, try our Nozomi tea bag specifically made for cold brewing.

If you like the aroma of green tea, you would love our Aracha (Crude Tea), which has the wild aroma of green tea which tea farmers have consumed for centuries.

Does your shipment require a signature?

No. Unlike other companies sending packages from Japan, our tea is shipped via USPS (in USA) and Canada Post (Canada), so it does not require your signature or picked up from the local post office. Instead, the package gets delivered to your mailboxes like any other US and Canada postal mail.

What about Expiration Date?

We get all our freshly picked green tea from Japan every week. Most of our products have an expiration date of 1 year from manufacturing, so you will have enough time to enjoy your green tea! The date of Manufacturing and expiration are printed on each package.

How long is the tea good once opened?

he tea is good for one year from manufacturing, even after you open the package. However, we strongly encourage you to seal the tea in an air-tight container, such as multiple zip lock bags and store it in a dark, cool place or refrigerator for retaining good taste. Tea absorbs other odors quickly; therefore, please ensure your package is air-tight. We also recommend Airscape, which is popular among coffee drinkers and works very well with tea as well.

What is the best water to use for Green Tea?

Green tea is best prepared with soft water with fewer minerals. If you have a water softener filter system, use the water filtered by the softener. If you use bottled water, try avoiding ones with "Added Minerals," as they tend to break the tea flavor. If you have access to Evian, it will taste better as Evian is known for soft water.

Is it really the best selling Japanese Green Tea Online in Japan?

Yes, it is in 2016 and 2017. Japanese green tea produced by Arahataen was the best-selling tea by volume on Rakuten online market, which is the largest e-commerce site in Japan.