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WELCOME to Womanly Roots!
♥Cloth Pads for Women. Saving the Planet One Piece of waste at a time!

♥♥♥ My shop is currently in a transitional period as I re-brand my items due to finding another company called "Lotus Pads." Thanks for your patience while I get all my promotions, labels and links updated to a new name♥♥♥

wom·an·ly /ˈwo͝omənlē/ adjective: womanly
1. relating to or having the characteristics of a woman or women

root \ˈrüt, ˈru̇t\ : noun, often attributive
1. the part of a plant that grows underground, gets water from the ground, and holds the plant in place

♥Cloth pads are a re-usable and eco- friendly alternative to disposable products. Lessen your environmental footprint with these sustainably crafted, soft, absorbent pads & join the worldwide team of Saving the Planet One Piece of waste at a time!

♥ Lite, Medium, Heavy days and Overnight or Postpartum and endometriosis sizes. Lessen your environmental footprint with these eco friendly, sustainably crafted, soft, absorbent pads & join the worldwide team of Saving the Planet One Piece of Trash at a Time.

Reusable Baby items coming soon!

♥ Here is what people are saying about Womanly Roots cloth pads:

"I love it! Great absorption and quick drying! Stays in place perfectly, great coverage, even overnight. Definitely a soft, comfortable alternative to disposable pads. Thank you!!"

"Amazing Seller!!! Fabulous Product! I am always happy with my purchases! I'll be back again!!! XO"

"Great quality and fast shipping! Thank you! "

See more reveiws here http://www.etsy.com/your/shops/LotusPads/reviews?ref=shop_info

♥ FREE SHIPPING on all US intercontinental orders over $50. Use Coupon Code FANTASTIC50 at checkout

♥ While I plan to make a transition to organic cotton fabrics, I am unable to make this investment at the moment. I am currently undergoing research as to where to buy organic cotton, hemp & fair trade silk products at a price I can resale with competitive pricing.

♥ I purchase my fabrics from thrift stores and a local fabric consignment store. This puts the money in the hands of a local family and to charities like hospice, goodwill, cancer aid, ect... and also reduces the greenprint by not purchasing NEW items from inorganic suppliers. Sometimes I release lines of particular lotus pads that are made completely of up cycled materials.

♥ See some behind the scenes info on the creation of Womanly Roots (previously called Lotus Pads) cloth pads featured in Somethings Sacred :

Up cycled


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