womanonfiredesigns' Shop Announcement

Woman On Fire Designs: Sue Reed

EACH PIECE IS UNIQUE! These are like small details of my paintings, and the paint is pulled right off my palette! It's an unusual process, (see Profiles). Different designs are created frequently, as I paint, and then make jewelry.

The process itself is really quite complicated. I discovered it about 11 years ago, and it takes a lot of steps to get to the final piece of unique jewelry. I am soon going to make larger, sculptural pieces. I love making assemblages with these, so watch in the future for new pictures.

I then use only real gemstones and brass, copper or silver wire, sometimes painted wire, and accent the piece. I match the stones and wire to what is happening with the colors of the paint. So, even though a piece may be the same shape, the colors are always different. You can, however, request that a work be mostly purple, say, or blue, or whatever you have in mind.

Someone always stops me when I'm wearing a piece, and asks me where I got it. I hope that you too will wear them to express your uniqueness and originality.