Custom make Wedding dress

wonderxue is currently not selling on Etsy We’re here if you need help with an order from this shop. Have questions? Visit our Help Center.

wonderxue is currently not selling on Etsy

We’re here if you need help with an order from this shop. Have questions? Visit our Help Center.

Shop policies

Last updated on February 15, 2013
Welcome to Wonderxue

My name is Yuan who is running this little cute store

I am able to custom make the dress based on your exact measurements or based on the pictures you sent or your sketch

All of my dresses are available for color and length alternation

Please contact me if you have any interests

Accepted payment methods

Returns and exchanges
I guess this is the most important thing that all online shoppers care the most

So to ease all of you, i do take return, remake and refund

All returns must be contacted within 24 hours after buyer received the dress

All returns are at buyer's cost

Refund will be given within 48 hours minus the shipping cost and 20% restocking fee

Here are some circumstances that i do not accept

1, You are fully responsible for giving me the correct measurements
If you fail to do this, i will not be responsible for the fitting of the dress

2, For all return, shipping cost is not refundable and there is 20% restocking fee will be charged

3, You gain or lose the weight after you give me the measurements
Then you will need to get it altered instead of contacting for any return and complain the size

4, I made the dress based on your sizes and leave at least 6cm extra space on every dress for alternation in case

So if the dress you received is slightly bigger or smaller, i do not take this kind of return and offer refund

It is buyer's job to get it altered at your local tailors' and this is can not be considered as my problem

5, Since the dress is available for alternation, i am not financially responsible for the alternation.
I checked the dress twice before sending out so there is a sheer chance that the sizes are wrong

6, I do not contact customer until i finish like 80%
I work alone and i have a lot of dress to make
I work like 12 hours a day
I can not contact each customer and take pictures of each dress's progress
Most of the time. the dress is just in pieces
I have my own working schedule, i will contact you if i found any off measurements or any confirmation or finished dress

7, The alternation
The custom make dress does not like the off rack dress
Sometimes you might gain or lose the weight after you gave me the measurements
The alternation is made to make the dress fits your personal needs and preference better
This does not mean that i have done a bad work

8, For the stitch
This is all handmade work, sometimes i might get some stitching crooked
Now, i have hired a girl to just check the dress for me
I make and i check( sometimes i am unable to notice my mistake)
Now , i make and i let others to check( i ask her to act and think like a bride and be picky)
I checked every dress by myself first and then let that girl check again for me
98% of the dress is in prefect condition
But we are human, i can not guarantee 100% accurate
Even there is a problem, it will be minor and we can work on it

So please shop with confidence

9, I can not take the returns or refund if you change your mind and wake up in the morning and find that you suddenly fall in love with another dress

10, I am responsible for the physical problem of the dress such as wrong length, wrong color, damage, wrong dress
All these kind of problematic dress should be returned within 48 hours after you receive

11, If the dress you received has problem, please send me clear pictures with measuring tape on the place which i made off and a clear picture of yourself wearing the dress

12, Zipper problem
As you can see, i use YKK zipper on the dress
Wedding dress is a delicate item,each dress i sent, i zipper it up to show you that the zipper works well when i ship

The hidden zipper has give, some heavy material dress with hidden zipper is hard to zipper it up, please zipper it carefully

Zipper problem does not count for return or remake

I will partially refund you based on the price of the dress

13, Color difference

As we all know, color difference is a big headache

I am trying to best to take pictures and confirm with you

If you order red, i made you blue. I am 100% fully responsible for remake and full refund

For white or ivory, the ivory i used is very light
Some customers think my ivory is white color
They might want a beige color

In this case, please specify

Minor color difference is not counted for return and remake

14, Measurements

Measurements within 3CM is not counted for return and refund

15, Alternation

Due to the nature of the online purchase, we should be prepare for any problems that it might bring

When you purchase at the front store, i am sure you will have like 3-4 times fitting to make sure the final prefect fitting

We do not meet with each other and i only made the dress based on the measurements you gave me

I can not guarantee every dress i made will fit like gloves. Mistake happens everyday

So here comes the alternation. I know the alternation might be costly but please understand that i can not refund you what your local tailor asked for

The dress i sold maybe 300USD and the alternation for letting in 2 inches might cost 200USD in your local tailor. I can not refund you 200USD

The dress sold in the front store will be like thousands and they can take like 200USD alternation

For online purchase, it is not always that seller have to take all risk. We all share

My job is to try my every effort to make every dress beautiful and at reasonable price

So if there happens to be any alternation, please try to take the online purchase and the price and the quality of my dress into consideration.

I will appreciate that

16, Boning and bra cups

Every adult dress i made comes with boning and bra cups

But as you might notice, some lady has A Cup, the bra cups might be big
Some lady might have DD Cup, the cups might be small for you

For bust over 100CM and you have your own bra pads, please contact me, i will make the dress without bra cups. This will be better for your DD Cup

Boning make your chest more structured but someone just hate it
Then please be sure to tell me

Extra boning and bra cups are not counted for return or remake

17 , I might not able to include all kind of circumstances in this short note
But please shop with confidence with me

I am always here to work for you

If there is anything wrong with the dress, please do not panic and leave any bad feedback before contacting me

I am sure we will work something out to make both of us happy
I take paypal most of the time

I prefer full payment for the dress but i am also happy to take the down payment or partial payment
Normal turnaround time is 1-1.5 month

I also take rush orders at extra from 30-50USD based on the design of the dress

I also provide the different shipping method for you to choose

If you want Fedex which is the fastest shipping i can provide, please contact me for extra payment

It takes about 5 working days to arrive via DHL
3-4 working days via Fedex
Additional policies and FAQs
My little workshop

I work alone as the maker, customer service, packing and shipping girl

Sometimes i have to go to purchase fabric or sometimes i take one day off or any personal reasons

So i might be unable to reply your email timely

But please understand that i got all of your order in control or under arrangements

Thanks for your support for individual business

Please leave me your phone number, your bare foot height, the height of your wedding shoes when you order the dress

When you order the dress with neck,. please tell me the exact deep or high you want the neck to be since i made the dress based on the pictures, i am unable to know the exact depth you can accept. I can only copy based on the pictures and it has about 1-2cm difference but not big

I do offer alternation but just it will damage the original look of the dress

So if you care about the details , please make sure to measure all these details

Also i do not suggest customer change too many things on one dress or combine too many different dress on one dress, i have some bad experience that the final work does not look as what we expected

So let's honor the original design or just change a little


Dress structure

All adult dress has the boning and built in bra cups if no special request


As you can see, many of my dresses are made of lace
Lace is big headache for us

There are many dresses are custom made for specific lady who mailed me the fabric so when i recreated her dress for other customers, i do not have that lace, so i will send you replacement

The sample dresses i listed are most come from the dress i made for customers.

Some of the lace are mailed by them not of my own collection

Plus sometimes lace is just out of stock, i can not find any more in my local market so i will use replacement

This can not be considered as: Different from Pictures Complaint


If you do not know how to take the measurements, please contact me
I will walk you through this

Customer Service

I work alone as the customer service, maker, shipper and packaging lady

So sometimes i might not be able to reply every email timely

Please kindly wait

I will reply you back after i back from work

Thanks for your understanding


Feedback is important to sellers so please make sure to contact me if you have any questions or complaints

Bad feedback can not work things out but made me hurt

I am sure i will offer you a satisfactory solutions to your problem after you contact me