woodpekker's Shop Announcement

Hello, Visitor!
According to my parents, I have been drawing well since childhood.
I loved working with clay and plasticine at school. Me and my mum used to make various figures of different size.
My passion for painting continued in high school. I started making figures of stone, too. My desire was to study in an Art School but …
I became a physician and I have been working as an anesthesiologist for 30 years now.
However, my love for painting remained. Later I started doing small graphics / bookplates /, carving and even photography.
At first, I had no tools because I could not afford them. I worked mainly with scalpels and chisels which I made from broken surgical instruments. Step by step, I provided myself with all the necessary instruments.
More than 40 years now, my love for painting, and recently carving, has not stopped. I would not call it simply a hobby. For me, it’s like connection with Nature. I love Nature! I learn from it and its perfection.
I go around forests and mountains whenever I have the opportunity. I speak with the trees and look carefully at them, especially at some odd-looking stumps and roots. It sometimes seems to me that I hear some piece of wood talk to me ‘’ Take me!’’
So, I take it and keep talking to the wood while working it. It’s like magic and as if the piece of wood shows me the path I should go.
It’s working!
I’m always impatient to see the final result but enough in workmanship. I feel completely satisfied only when I am able to do what Nature has inspired me to. For me, there is no inanimate nature! It’s like giving a second life to the piece of wood.
I hope that you will be able to feel that magic, too!
Welcome to my shop!