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Wool Felt Fabrics by National NonWovens- 12"x18" FELT SHEETS- Felt Patterns - Felt Kits- Felt Die Cuts. Wool Felt blend fabrics are manufactured by National Non-Wovens in the USA. 147 Different Colors are stocked WCF and TOY lines, which are Wool and Rayon Blends. The wool content is 20% or 35% -with the balance of the fiber content being Rayon
Care is Dry Clean.

To Wash this Felt--
Hand Soak for a few minutes in Hot soapy water. Colors will bleed, so handwash each color separately. Agitate gently in soapy water, rinse in cold water. Squeeze out water. Avoid wringing or twisting it. Squeeze out as much as you can be hand, then lay out on towel and roll out any remaining moisture. Let air dry. You can also dry it in a dryer. Steam press if you want to, or use in it's natural washed, bubbly state. You can expect about 10% shrinkage at a minimum, as wool and rayon are both fibers that will shrink when wet.

Of course, if you are making crafts with this felt, you can use it as is, which is how I prefer to use it.

Wool Content Burn Test:
If you have a piece of felt and are not sure of it's fiber content, do the burn test. Light a corner of the felt with a bic lighter, then blow it out. If there is wool in your felt, it will have a smell similar to burnt hair. If the felt is acrylic, it will melt more than burn and not have an organic smell.

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