Wool Fiber & Fur - Wild & Wonderful

Wild and Wonderful Wool Fiber and Fur

Everything is handmade or hand-dyed and most raw materials are harvested kindly from my own animals (some of whom are pictured.) They are not only beloved, but hand-raised, naturally on our planet friendly and NO-KILL farm. All my animals are precious pets, have names, eat from my hand, get scratches or hugs as they prefer and come when they are called. They follow me everywhere which is not always a good thing.
Owner, Maker, Designer, Curator
I create hand-knitted, free form knitted and felted designer garments & decor; hooked and handwoven rugs, pin weaving, raw, hand-dyed, painted and natural wool, mohair, llama, alpaca & angora rabbit fiber; offer whole and partial fleeces; handspun yarns; and design original knit patterns

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