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Welcome to Wovenlight Studio and Animal Sanctuary!

This store features the photography and fiber creations of Sue Shipley of Lanark Highlands, Ontario, Canada.

I hope you enjoy browsing my shop.

In these days of email and instant messaging, note cards are a wonderful way to keep in touch in a lasting and real way.
People love to be remembered on a special occasion or for no reason at all. A card with your message inscribed within is a meaningful keepsake that can be tucked away and treasured for years to come.

The pieces I make with fiber start at the source. I use the fleece directly from my sheep and alpacas. The processing and hand-spinning of the yarn is very time consuming. It is well worth it though with the completion of one-of-a-kind articles to wear or display.
Please check back often for new additions as they are created.
Feel free to contact me with any any questions or comments.

Although I only list shipping for the US and Canada, I am very willing to ship all over the world. Please contact me about the cost of shipping to your country.

Wovenlight has evolved into a small animal sanctuary. I do not sell any of my animals. They come here and have a secure home for the remainder of their life. I rescue all types of animals from cats to pigs. If they need a home and I have room, they are more than welcomed here. 100% of proceeds from sales of these products goes back to help the animals.

As a vegan myself, it is very important to me that I produce a product that is vegan friendly. My animals are my partners not my property. They are sheared in warm weather to make their lives more comfortable during the summer months. I use their fiber to create my art always with acknowledgement and thanks to where it has come from. They live happily on pasture on warm days and snugly in the barn on colder days. They share their fiber in return for food, water, and safety. They live out their natural lives here, whether or not they are able to continue to contribute.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me at
wovenlight [!at]

Thank you.

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