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Hi! Welcome and thank you sooooooo much for visiting my shop.

Do you have a rodent or a small dog or a baby bunny or a bird or an iguana or snake? Then you need a RaToob. Made of soft, washable fleece, it is perfect for cuddling and socializing your little buddy. It goes over your head and around your neck so your critter can just ride along anywhere -- to the mailbox, to the laundry room, to the vet. They can even join you for some bonding time while you watch the other Tube.

Fleece weight will vary. Also, please remember that I am a seamstress and not a photographer. I have tried to describe the colors as accurately as possible where the pictures don't really reveal the true colors.

Check out my Cell Phone Bean Bag Chairs/Kindle Kouches (eReader Rests). My Bean
Bag chairs/Kindle Kouches (eReader Rests) are filled with rice and come in a variety of fabric designs. If you use the Bean Bag for your eReader, you can enjoy your morning coffee hands-free while you read your favorite book or the paper electronically. Of course, you can also use them for your iPod, PDA, GPS or handheld games. It even works to hold up a real book. Remember those? Barbie might even enjoy relaxing in one.

Also, check out my daughter's etsy page: for great hand-crocheted hats and snowmen, note cards and neat stuff for your dogs.

I hope you'll take a look.

Thank you!!

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