wrapppedinhim's Shop Announcement

WRAPPEDINHIM started off small and is growing into a big business! It all started when we figured out that we were going to Brazil for a summer mission trip and I needed money to get there. I began buying supplies at a local craft store and made a couple bracelets for Christmas gifts for my friends. When I realized that I enjoyed making the bracelets, I asked my parents if they thought that they would sell to raise money for Brazil and they thought it wouldn’t raise enough money to pay my way, but I was willing to take the challenge! I first made an album of pictures on Facebook and got many orders in only a week! When the 2nd week came around, I decided to make a Facebook page and in 1 week, I had over 150+ likes! Now, orders are coming in like crazy and the Lord has provided for my mission trip to be paid for, but now I am helping others to pay for their mission trips. Even after many hard days of my fingers hurting, I still am enjoying every second of making WRAPPEDINHIM bracelets and taking this further into a small business venture that can potentially pay for my future mission trips to other countries and help others share the gospel!