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Gold-fill items are now being listed! Items will be available in solid 10k and 14k gold as well upon request. I would love to hear from you if you are interested in GOLD items. If you follow me on Instagram @wsayle - photos will be posted of gold pieces as they come available. Thank you!

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Please review shop policies before purchasing; thank you.

Currently working on orders through May 15. **** Plese note that some orders with gemstones are awaiting gemstone shipment from my supplier. Thank you!

Also, please contact me only via Etsy Convos and not the outside email. I receive a lot of other emails not related to Etsy, hence Etsy emails can get lost in the shuffle. I rely on convos via Etsy for Etsy customers.

Thank you for coming into the shop. The featured designs in my shop are sterling silver mini tags. Like tiny nameplates, they are fashioned after id tags and are cast in several different sizes to accommodate character spacing of words and designs.

All of the silver jewelry is solid .925 sterling silver; discs, tags, charms, findings and necklaces. All of the tags, discs, washers, and other flat shapes are a substantial weight of 18 gauge or 16 gauge; 16 gauge is necessary to properly set gemstones. **The exception are the stacked disc designs, which are all 20 gauge thickness. Because I offer backstamping/two-sided stamping on all of my pieces (unless otherwise noted) silver thinner than 18 gauge is not suitable. Even pieces that are not backstamped nor set with a gemstone are 18 gauge (except the stacked discs as previously noted) I like the feel of a weightier piece and especially with smaller pendants/charms, I think they hang better when they are a bit heavier and not 'flimsy'.

The backs of all of the tags and discs are smooth and clean with no bulging. The two-sided stamped pieces are smooth and bulge-free on both sides. Similarly, all of the round disc pendants and charms are of the same thickness to smoothly stamp on both sides and to set gemstones.

Genuine and lab-grown gemstones of high quality and beautiful brilliance are used. My setting technique produces a stone that sits securely into the metal, flush or nearly flush with the metal's surface. I do not glue stones into or onto metal. Take a look around the shop to see all the custom pieces offered with and without gemstones.

If you have further inquiries or comments, please contact me through Etsy Conversations only. I'll respond quickly. Please do not use the outside email. Thanks.

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