wvluckygirl's Shop Announcement

We have Handmade Primitives, Pillows, Stitcheries, Pictures, Country Decor, Ornie Bowl Fillers, Holiday and Seasonal Decorative Accents and many more prim decorations.

Please read descriptions before purchasing. My pillows are unstuffed and my pictures are mostly unframed.

Everyone loves to decorate their home for each passing season. I think it makes a home more inviting when you walk in and see some seasonal decorations to welcome you in. The problem I had with doing this was where to store it all in the off-season? Who needs boxes and boxes of stuff that's only used once a year? That's when I decided to find a solution. I sell my items unfinished. My pillows are not stuffed and my pictures do not come with a frame. People think I'm crazy for doing it this way, but once they realize my logic behind it...they love it.

When I am decorating for a new season I start with my pictures. I just take the inserts from my existing pictures and just switch them out to the new seasonal ones. I lay the unused ones flat in the bottom of a drawer in a zip lock bag until next year. It is so quick to do it this way and you don't have to fool with the wrapping up and storage all of those pictures. One frame will work as long as you buy the same size insert for each season. This switching out of the inserts (as I like to call it) goes so quickly.

Once the pictures are done, I start on my pillows. I just safety pin my seasonal ones shut. It makes it easier to do this way. I just un-pin them and transfer the stuffing over to the next season's pillow and pin it shut again. Now I have all of my unstuffed pillows ready for storage. I put them in a zip lock bag and lay them in the bottom of a drawer until it's time for them again next year.

Now that you understand my logic on shipping the pillows without stuffing and the pictures without a frame don't you agree this is the way to go? I find myself actually decorating more now than ever as it goes a lot faster to do it this way. I even enjoy it a little more as I used to dread pulling all of those storage boxes out and sifting through them to find what I needed. Now I enjoy the holidays a little more...as I hope you will too.

You can always find me by just typing in wvluckygirl into your search bar. Thanks for stopping by and I appreciate your business.


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