Just One Small Hoppy Family In One Great Big Whirl-d!

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Just One Small Hoppy Family In One Great Big Whirl-d!

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No we're not....WE"RE STILL HERE...but we thought we'd take advantage of this vacation mode option FOR YOU...
Just in case you were interested in an item but had not decided yet to purchase it before it had expired. And also, to let you and others know when we have listed items again. So chose the 'Yes, notify me by email', option button below, if you so chose to be informed when (smile).
We are busy making more shop items, reorganizing and preparing our listings.
BE HOPPY....we'll be listing some lovely new handmade items and also re-listing some expired listings soon.


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♥ We work together to become a strong family unit, and each individual has independent talents, interests & crafts that you will see represented & celebrated here in our studios.

♥ Our family loves being here on Etsy...so

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Additional policies and FAQs

******* FAQ's & ♥ bbits ♥ aka bunny bits = interesting & educational, rabbit care, fun facts. **********

Almost everyone asks us, WHERE DID OUR NAME COME FROM?
♥ Wynnem Rabbits name is a bit of a long story...
We started with the name 'Wall Street Warren Rabbit Ranch' It was cute, we made a country theme with little country western songs for our visiting rabbits presentations, but then got a lot of calls asking if we were ranching rabbits for meat. We had to explain all too often that we were not ranchers but that our home is ranch styled. And that our hand raised, pet, show and rehabilitated rescue rabbits weren't coddled and trained to become food. Please, we've work long hard hours with them and those are very deserving of lifelong human companionship. Then we wanted to send out post cards and all the lettering space to explain this didn't fit, We needed to condense the wording and be more accurate about what our family does...we liked our first name so much that it was hard to think of something new and then the name came to us!
We were watching the wonderful, 'made for television' movie 'Gulliver's Travels' with the actor Ted Danson. There is a scene in the movie with a society of horses that called themselves 'Wynnem' and the horses called some nearby primitive humans 'Yahoo'. We call our buns 'Mini Hay Burners'...because the rabbit digestive system closely resembles the horses'...so we think of them as mini horses. We did not know the movie spelling of the name so we came up with
'Wynnem' (pronounced= win-M).
And that is more of the story...TBC...

Well, for us we have found it not to be a conflict of interest but actually the opposite. This keeps us very well experienced when it comes to all aspects of rabbits, their care and their governors/owners in order to best help this wonderfully diversified, beautiful and gentle creature of our planet.
We raise rabbits that are rare or endangered and encourage everyone to learn more about our heritage breeds and about how important our agricultural biodiversity is to our life & health but also to our very existence on earth. Please visit WWW.ALBC.ORG
And because we don't want to be part of the problem of too many euthanized shelter rabbits, we checked in with our local shelters, provide the rabbit sanctuary and offer rehabilitation for wayward or handicapped rabbits and we specialize in hand-raising gentle pet rabbits that come with a full guarantee return &/or exchange policy. Then naturally because space & time is limited in our home we make sure we never over breed.
This is our family's mission, we volunteer & help educate the public about rabbits and the time & money we spend to do this & for their care comes out of our pockets, we do all we can. We encourage more families to try foster care and like our neighborhood shelter friends would agree, to try to provide one or two rabbits a no-kill sanctuary at your homes too. Most times cats and dogs fill the care time in shelters and rabbits go unnoticed. Go volunteer and or donate to your local shelter for the rabbits. The rabbits will give back two-fold, caring for animals is good for your physical and mental health.
We are dedicated to helping rabbits and their people who care for them. Many, Many think we're total bonkers...so many so that sometimes I begin to wonder too, thankfully for the rabbits' sake it's just sometimes that I wonder... so we 'Keep Up' happily. Occasionally we have a Jr or 4h volunteer come help clip nails, groom and train. This works great for us, we help them with community service credit hours and they help us...Win, Win! ( Any adults out there need their BP lowered? Go and help play with and or groom a bunny, here or at your local shelter! )
Our Angora Rabbits are Helping too! By The Sale of Angora Wool Items From Our Lovely Angora Rabbits, the money Is Helping Us Care For The Sanctuary Rabbits!
Again, We give great Thanks and Giant Bunny Binkies to all those who contribute their time and or money to help us!

All for the love of Bunny!
learn more about us...See our Profile Bio!

♥ Many people ask us...
We call this 'RABBIT WHISPERING' and we call our rabbits mini hay-burners because they are similar to horses in many ways.
Rabbits move their bodies ( and things like their food dishes ) to communicate with us. I believe because they are so small we do not or can not hear the sounds they make when they talk to us, so they make a louder noise with whatever is available, and or try to get our attention by body motion, pretty smart huh! The movements they make to communicate are the same or similar to a horses' movements to communicate and again much smaller and harder to notice so you need to be very observant... if your bunny is a fast talker ask him to slow down the signs by you slowing your movements down using very slow and exaggerated movements and talk slower too...he will get it, they are very smart!
The first thing you should try to figure out together is YES and NO. This goes both ways. He needs to know when you say these things and most importantly you need to know when he says these also.
When a rabbit says NO... usually it is with a sideways shake of his head so that his ears flop from side to side, a small shake is a small NO, a big shake with any vocal sound is a big NO!...and for you human you can shake your index finger, or better yet two fingers ( like bunny ears ) in the air from side to side in the same manner. We humans also have a voice with much bigger lungs and can say NO louder.
Please remember with many rabbits you have to gain their trust before you can handle and play with them when they are new to your home. Give them a couple of days to settle in and watch for the 'signs' that he wants to communicate with you, then ask him and then tell him to come out to play. Which briefly, brings me to the topic of ~HOW TO PREVENT A RABBIT FROM JUMPING OUT OF YOUR ARMS-or-THE BEST WAY TO CARRY AROUND A RABBIT;
We recommend a basket with a handle and doggie wee wee pads placed in the bottom to carry rabbits around. This feels good to the rabbit, like being carried in the womb, they feel safer than in your arms and a basket affords you a scratch and pee free encounter. Because a rabbits vision is limited to null under their noses naturally they may feel afraid when you take them from the cage into your arms and suddenly they see the floor has dropped out from under them, and then it's moving too, yikes! If they feel safer in a basket they have more fun and want to be with you more...and it is especially good for children to use as it helps to prevent accidental injuries to the bunny. A rabbits back can break with one swift flailing kick! This is a very sad accident and does happen often, like seat-belts, safety first...please use baskets! Get a basket and place it in the cage doorway and ask the bunny to come out to play. Use treats, like 'craisins', organic dried banana & papaya bits, AS REWARDS 'ONLY' for when the bunny does as you requested, and this is how you tell him 'YES'...this helps you to communicate better. If you think your being kind by giving him treats even when he doesn't do what you just asked, you are making a 'BIG' communication 'ERROR' and causing your rabbit and you unneeded future frustration and stress! He needs to know what 'YES' means and this is your best way to make him understand what it is you want or need from him. If he fails to do as requested take a break for now or switch to another simpler or an already learned task. Make up little learning games...have a good time, this is the fun part!

♥ Many people when they meet a bunny ask us
The rabbit is scenting; smelling it's environment with it's nose...that's how they greet each other.
Rabbits can sense when we are nervous, fearful, excited, angry, happy or sad.
They can feel our feelings.
Bunny Farts may occur when a rabbit senses that another is fearful or cautious about greeting them.
(like thinking fearful thoughts that the rabbit isn't breathing normal).
They can sense our thoughts and feelings, but they don't always understand what they are sensing and may act on our thoughts, feelings and or fears.
The blast of odoriferous air is a pheromone scented greeting card of sorts...
just say, oh, thank you, kindly.
Tee hee.

Do you Speak Rabbit?

♥ Many people ask us...
As humans, sometimes we show feelings in ways that can mean more than one thing...Let me try to explain, like for instance, you see a kid running in place, you may think he is feeling happy and excited about something but he may be just feeling a full bladder! Or You may see an older man who looks like he is feeling angry about something but he may really be a very nice man who is just feeling pain from his arthritis!
Rabbits show feelings that may mean more than one thing too...so because they are so small and they can't talk it is a bit harder to figure out what they are feeling, be observant and luckily most times like with humans it's an either or thing...
You Can figure it out...
Be curious!
A sad rabbit may sigh a lot, a rabbit sigh is very short and almost seems like a huff to us... a rabbits quick huff of frustration is always accompanied by a barely audible, slight hum sound...a rabbits sigh has no hum sound, just air quickly expelled.
It's just exactly what we humans do, but they are just 30x smaller than us so we barely notice they do it.
If they looked like teeny tiny humans, we would probably notice these things without even thinking...oh, you know what I mean. Because they are animals that don't look like us we cannot quickly see their tiny human behaviors like sighing and huffing.
A sad bunny may lay around more than usual and they may not greet you at the door of their house like they usually do. He may just be sleeping but a happy sleeping rabbit would get up when you go open the door to greet him. These things can also mean the rabbit is feeling sick so keep a close watch to check to make sure he is eating and drinking to be sure it is only sadness and not a full blown depression or an illness.
Now, trying to figure out why he is sad is a whole other story...key word here is trying!
Keep trying, he won't be sad for long if you keep distracting him with all your wondrous attention!

Love Somebunny!

♥ Many people ask us...
Your rabbit is trying to get your attention and this is good because he is trying to figure out how to communicate with you.
It is good also because so far he has not given up on you and him talking. This is a common mistake we humans make. You are not alone...but now that you know, ask him to forgive you and try again.
-See above section on 'RABBIT WHISPERING'
Rabbits can tell when we are angry, happy or sad.
They can feel our feelings.
But, they don't understand punishment.
PUNISHMENT can make a rabbit withdraw from human contact.
Always use eye contact and be loving with your rabbit.
If he upsets you just walk away.
Come back when you feel you can show love to your rabbit...
ALWAYS show love to rabbits even when they are being bad...
Because doing bad things is a ploy to get your attention and sometimes it becomes a game to them. Like those 'NO' games that toddlers play, it's a learning game for them and they are learning to communicate with you.
Nobody's perfect and we all feel mad at bad behavior, if you have a withdrawn bun just show her consistently that you love her and she will come around again...when she knows you love her.
Some smarty buns that always give love, always expect it and then demand it in return...'all or nothing buns'.
Although some rabbits, just like some people, just don't like everybody, don't give up too soon!
They each have their own personalities and they all have their own quirks just as we humans do, so,
Give your relationship time!
Many times it could just be your perfume that they don't like...try going without for a few weeks ans see if there is a change in how the rabbit behaves toward you. This does happen often...just as we have scents that we don't like...we are animals too, so do they.
IF HE HAS LIVED WITH YOU FOR YEARS and IS OLDER, PAST THE PUPPY STAGE,and has never been that naughty in the past,and you have not changed anything, HE MAY BE TRYING TO TELL YOU 'SOMETHING IS WRONG'.