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Artistic Sterling Silver Jewelry from New Orleans

I am a daydreamer.
My jewelry evolves as I grow as an artist.
I get easily inspired, but I as easily lose interest and I have to move on
to whatever inspires me next.
I do not like repetitive work.
It is utterly uninspiring to me.
I find myself searching for new things every day.
I like to be challenged and don't shy away from the difficult.
I strive for better quality with every piece.
I honestly don't care how long it takes me to complete the next pair of earrings
or a necklace. It is all about the final effect.

Some of the things that inspire me daily in this most magical
of magical places that is New Orleans:

The Victorian New Orleans, Storyville.
The mysterious and the voodoo.
Gypsy caravans and old time circus.
The supernatural and the romantic.
Antique laces and hand forged metals.

Walk with me and dream a little dream.
Each piece of jewelry here has its own soul.


If using paypal, please make sure your paypal address is confirmed and status verified. Thank you.

All custom order sales are final.



The Sterling and Fine Silver are very easy to take care of.
The jewelry will tarnish. There is nothing that can be done to prevent tarnishing.
Please store your jewelry in a dry place away from makeup and chemicals.
Silver reacts with chloride so it is best not wear it in a shower or swimming pool.
It will not fall apart while you do, but it can be damaging if it is done repeatedly over time.

To clean your silver jewelry I highly recommend Sunshine Polishing Cloth.
While this cloth will safely clean both jewelry and stones as well as glass,
I do not recommend any other brand of polishing cloths because some of them are not safe on stones.
The cloth will remove tarnish and polish your silver to a pretty bright shine.
You may want to be careful cleaning a piece that has intentional oxidation because the cloth will remove it as well.

In order to retain a matte finish on your jewelry and remove some of the unwanted tarnish
I recommend finest 0000 steel wool to gently polish the silver.
The steel wool WILL SCRATCH stones and glass.

To remove dirt and oil from your jewelry I recommend washing it in warm water using a soft toothbrush and a little bit of mild soap such as ivory.
Dry with a soft cloth.

No other chemicals or liquids are recommended.


-Do not use ultrasonic jewelry cleaners especially on jewelry with stones and glass.
-Do not use jewelry liquid cleaners or dips.
-Do not use toothpaste or polishing creams, pastes or liquids.
-Do not wipe with paper towels or tissue, use soft cloth.

I normally have a stock of Sunshine Cloth. I am currently fresh out, but please do email me if you would like one. I use it to finish my jewelry all the time, it is an outstanding product.
I usually include a complimentary small piece of it with each order as long as I have it in stock.

The steel wool can be purchased at a hardware store, it has to be grid 0000.
I can include a piece of it with your order upon request.

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