xenba's Shop Announcement

Greetings World

Thank you so very much for stopping by my shop and checking out my crochet works of Art.

I am creating a series of up-beat, Funky Chic Hand Crochet Urban Crown for all the SuperNatural, Everyday People of the Planet. these hand made items are my pattern and 100% stitched by my very own two hands in Harlem USA.

Each crown is made of cotton and/or acrylic 4 ply yarn and is adorned with my original "Liquid Stitch", then hand sculpted and set with hat sizing. thin threads of sparkleing metalic feliment, that are crochet through out the crown for a up-lifting sparkle. (Please forgive my spelling)

Each headwear is a original work or art, I can promise you, no two hats are alike.

Each work has my personal label sewn in, and prices start at $135.00. They are gently hand washable and air dried on a hand towel.

These crowns have a very Casual, and Funky Vibe with the explosion of colors and dripping liquid pattern. They are the perfect accessory piece for Artist, Techi, Poets, Writers and all the SuperNatural, Funky, Urban Cultural Elite.

A Classic adornment for a very special day or errand or evening event, it all depends on how the wearer carries it off.

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Thanks Again for your time... and remember... More Power to the Imagination

Peace Y'all

Xenobia Bailey