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3 weeks

tank top season coming on... a couple heading off to north australia to keep it cool in the heat ☆

4 weeks

spring cleaning sale! 30% off til earth day on incidence and duplicates, to make way for new goodies ☆

1 month

envisioning something completely unique? any kind of custom coloring is available upon request, for any custom made clothing... and mixing up a special blend for someone is always a joy ☆

2 months

oh bright colors how i do love thee..... some turquoise and saffron on the palette tonight ☆

2 months

silver seed...... making big creative messes and experimenting with ink...... coming soon to a shirt near you ☆

2 months

4 camis completed... 2 ready for the color cauldron........ some fine feeling hemp to accentuate the soft spots this spring ☆